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Old Era Tools that are Still Being Used
There are a lot of tools we use in our daily routines to increase output ratio and the at-large productivity of our occupation input. The current modern advanced tools most of them were creations developed from the past. A great transformation on types and how tools are being used has been brought about by industrialization and technology. While some tools have persisted with the test of time, some tools are outdated and are no longer utilized. Depending on work demand currently, the tools have been improved even though the concept behind their usability may have been borrowed from the past tools. For better livelihood, improvement in tooling was a necessity to cope with the changing environment and improvement in cognitive understanding of people. Listed below are some few of the past tools that are still being used in our current era.
It has been said that Plato was the first person to use an alarm clock. The alarm clock used water and would produce a sound after a certain time interval. To ensure that he was never late for lectures, Plato used the alarm clock. With nowadays busy life routines, people still uses alarms to keep them in check of what is in their schedule. Nowadays, alarms are carried in computers, hand watches, mobile phones, and many more portable devices which are very improved.
The use of fiber optics in transferring data over network is nowadays being utilized to great extent. Apart from the improved cable transport system, the underlying principle was first proven by an Irish scientist. Through his research, the scientist discovered that a light can be conveyed through a curved course of water. This gave birth to the knowledge of total internal reflection which is the foundation of the present-day fiber optics.
Long ago, the people were hunters and gatherers using bows and arrows as their essential tools. Bows and arrows have been productive through time, either on the battleground and hunting animals for food. Gas launcher are the most recent development that has been witnessed in arrow throwing act.
For records to be understandable, there should be comprehensive chronology. Without writing, keeping records of past activities and or research will be a daunting experience. Bow and arrow discovery was much earlier when compared to the use of writing. Literature review from past studies is what currently help students to acquire info and learn more. Websites and other online contents are some of latest trends of writings as record keeping method. This idea though is believed to date back to the Sumerians primitive writing which started off with symbols put together to pass on a message. Coherent texts were later introduced 800 years after symbols.