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Facts Concerning the Minimum Wage Debate
You ought to note that a report that was released by researchers from the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, over 80 million Americans were found to be minimum income personnel check out this website. Note that the same report states that over half of all working people are paid minimum wage. Remember that these details and many others have shocked many and they have become a debate all over the nation. A lot of people are asking if the wages will be increased. The other major concern is that if there will be any effect in the nation’s money if the wages are raised. Be advised that the debate is complicated because of politics and other factors.

A lot of people wonder how this debate began. One thing that you should know is that the minimum wage was introduced eighty years ago. It is important to note that bosses were required to pay their laborers a minimum of zero point two five dollars which currently is the equivalent of four point two eight dollars. It might sound crazy but you need to know that a lot of people afforded a modest life through that money. Remember that times do change, and the needs of minimum wage workers have also been changing visit this homepage. You ought to note that nowadays people are being paid seven point two five dollars per hour. A lot of people think that it is time to change the laws that were put in place eighty years ago.

Note that the importance of workers’ wages cannot be exaggerated because the cost of living has gone up at a very high rate. You ought to note that a huge percentage of people in the USA cannot raise $1000 dollars. Note that life has become tough for most people because of insurance, medical bills and other things. You need to keep in mind that millions of people rely on minimum wage to pay their bills, and they end up struggling to put some food on the table for their families learn more here. You need to know that most of the people who serve in hotels are paid $2 per hour and that is plus the tips. You ought to note that you cannot make ends meet with that type of money even if you work 24/7.

Remember that increasing the country’s minimum wage is not a major problem but there are some factors to consider read more now. One thing is that most businesses will have to fire a big number of their workers. Keep in mind that a lot of things will become expensive.

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